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Sunday Only 10:30am- 4pm


The Cajun Two-Step  $14

Two Eggs, Bacon or Spicy Link Sausage, Hash Browns, Buttered Toast, Texas Fruit Preserves


Buttermilk Biscuit and Sawmill Gravy  $12

Sausage and BBQ Gravy, Bacon and Sunny Side Up Eggs


Brisket Hash $14

Topped with 2 Sunny Side Up Eggs, Horseradish Cream & Spicy Relish Garnish


The Ragin Cajun Boudin  $6.50

Rice, Crawfish, Bacon, Tabasco Mash served with Lonestar Beer Mustard & Dunker's Crackers


Texas Toast Brisket Bacon Cheesy Egg Sandwich  $14

Brisket, Smoked Bacon, Fried Eggs, Cheese, Tomato


The Switch Benedict  $14

Choice of Brisket, Pulled Pork, or Sausage, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise over Buttermilk Biscuit


PANCAKES $7  |  Chicken Tenders $7  |  Grilled Cheese $7

With choice of (1) side item


Split SPICY Sausage  $3  |  SMOKED Bacon  $3  |  Biscuit  $3  |  Hash Browns  $2

Texas Seasonal Fruit Preserves  $2 | Pancakes $3 EACH  |  Fruit Medley $3


S’mores Switchwich - $8

Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream and Toasted Marshmallow
sandwiched between Chocolate Chunk Cookies,
Covered in Magic Shell and Graham Crackers


Campfire Banana SpliT - $8

Pit Roasted Banana, Gooey Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream,
Candied Pecans, Smokey Caramel and Whipped Cream


Cobbler of the Day - $6

Homemade Cobbler Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

Barbecue Wife Bloody MarY

Served in our signature Boot Glass - $12.00

Tito’s Vodka, House Sauce, Smoked & Pickled Garnishes, Spiced Salt Rim
Keep The Boot Glass for $5